Mid-January Reset

So, how's it going?

Need a reset on that goal from your resolution?

We’re human.  We get off track now and again.  AND we can get right back on.

Just talked to a new client who is in a very busy phase of her work projects, and she found herself reaching for a snack to soothe herself just because it was there. “I had to stop myself and stare down the snack I was about to put in my mouth,” she said. “I wasn’t hungry–it was just habit.”

I’ve been there.  I’m guessing I’m not alone.

It’s easy to then devolve into berating our ability to stick to our plan, but that never helps.  Shame tends to reinforce the cycle because we then need more soothing.

The key to getting to your goal is returning to the track leading where we want to go.  Reset.  Make a U-turn if needed.   Adjust the plan if necessary.  Most important, love yourself through this.  You’ve made other choices for a long time, and this is about retraining yourself to make good-for-you choices.  The loving thing is to give yourself time to retrain, to encourage yourself when you make good choices, and to return to the track and focus on your goal.  You’d do it for a puppy, wouldn’t you?  You’d do it for your child or your best friend.  Give yourself the same courtesy.

If you need some help with that reset or finding and overcoming those triggers, give me a call.  We can get you there–

All the best,


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