Metabolic Breakthrough

Want to Know the Best Eating Plan for Your Body?


The best diet for someone else may be the worst choice for you

Most eating plans are just cookie cutter solutions.

You’re sold what’s “new” this season, what’s different from the last diet craze, what the celebrities use to stay celebrity thin.  Whatever plan lets the latest guru sell more books.

The reality is that most plans work to help you lose weight for a little while.  
Some work for a short time and then your body adjusts. 
Some are hard to follow for the long term. 
Some are too restrictive. 
But the one thing they have in common is that they are sold to everyone as THE diet to follow.

You know everyone is not the same, right?
Of course…

So when you start a diet that everyone is on, what are the chances that it fits your body’s specific needs and design?  Not that good. 


I took the same path that most everyone does, trying out tons of diet plans over years of working to keep my weight where I wanted it.  You don’t even hear about most of them any longer.  They had their time in the sun then they faded away.  Just like most new diets.

Two years after reaching my goal – and maintaining it by a thread, I was so tired of being hungry and cranky, and I was physically exhausted from trying to do plenty of cardio on my daily calorie restriction.  
I began to think something was really, really wrong with me.
Then I heard about using your body type to understand exactly what it needs and what helps it burn calories efficiently.  It was called metabolic classification and it was designed to find the foods for your specific body chemistry so that you can lose weight easier and maintain that loss.
Through this system, I found a nutrition plan that fit MY body. 
I have to admit the eating plan it recommended made me a little nervous.  I was a leery because it was unusual for accepted “diet” fare.  By then, however, I was so frustrated, I thought, “It’s a week.  How much damage can I do in a week?”
I followed the suggestions, including the directions that were contrary to my decades-long low-fat lifestyle.  My plan gave me a little more protein and fat, but it didn’t eliminate carbohydrates.    I felt so good, I had more energy, and I was not hungry.   
And I was a little shocked.

But I was motivated to stay on the plan because I had seen the results.

I was at my goal weight in my fifties, and I did not have to eliminate butter or cheese or other favorites.

When you find what works for your body, instead of against it, you will reach your weight goals easier and without feeling starved.

Would it be helpful to know what works for your body to help you reach your weight goals?

I have an in-depth, personalized program that I use with my private clients.

It clarifies all the conflicting, confusing, complex nutrition information and meal plans out there and identifies what works for your body.

I want to offer it to you during my Black Friday holiday special. I can only take 25 people for this program because I personally walk you, step-by-step through the process and I need to focus on each client.

What do you get in the program?

You’ll get two one-hour sessions with me to complete the process and get on the right plan:

  • First, we’ll do the evaluation and discuss your results, including your classification plus a meal plan and a color-coded food chart.
  • Second, we will do a follow session two weeks later to evaluate, adjust, and manage any issues or questions that you have.

“Which eating plan is best” is always the question, isn’t it?
“Will THIS work for me?”   Yes, it will help  you work with your body to lose weight.
Now you can find out the answer to an eating plan that works and that you can live with.
When you complete this program, you will KNOW what works for your body.

If you’re like me, you’ll feel so much more satisfied on fewer calories because you’re getting what works for you.
That helps you lose the weight you want to lose faster and easier.

If you want to KNOW, join me in the program by clicking the button below.



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