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Habits:  Measure now and again

Eyeballing portions is easy, but we get creep.  We just do.

We’re busy doing all our tasks, finishing off this so we can wash the container.  It’s really not enough for another portion, but I don’t want to waste it.

Watch this–will it be wasting or “waisting”?

We get a little lazy with measures, and before we know it, our portions have grown significantly.  When trying to manage nutrition, it’s helpful periodically to measure to make certain you’re getting enough but not too much.  Perhaps that’s weighing or using measuring cups, or maybe that’s keeping a food diary.

Here’s a frame that could be really helpful:  Get the best size for your body.
We don’t buy shoes in a size too large or small, we go for OUR size.  It fits us.  We have a nutritional size that fits us.  Not good, not bad, not a point of envy—it just fits us.

Measure once in a while just to check you’re getting the right size for you.

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