Making Good-for-me Choices is a Skill

I spent last weekend with relatives, which means my food choices weren’t entirely up to me.
Quick way to derail a nutrition plan, isn’t it?   Ooh, boy!
We have similar periodic challenges.  Perhaps it’s a vacation or a business trip, or someone brings food to your office or home.  It’s Mardi Gras, a holiday, or someone’s birthday.  Or it’s any given Thursday—

Making good choices is a skill to be learned, honed, and chosen again and again.  Making those good choices amidst temptation with food pushers requires practice and a good dose of grace.

If it’s a special day, remember it’s one day, perhaps one meal.  Choose as wisely as you can.  Then return to your plan as soon as possible—perhaps later in the day or the next day.

If it’s a gift with someone bringing food to help you out, be politely gracious.  Staying on plan is key, but being kind and gracious as we work toward our personal goals is essential to both long-term success and relationships.  Choose wisely when you can, but choose graciously when necessary.

If it’s an emotional response or eating for comfort, do a quick internal check.  What’s driving the emotion, and how does that translate to putting something in your mouth?  Check your compass—is this temptation consistent with your long-term goal?  Will it actually help?

When you return to plan, you may have to slap away a few more temptations than usual.  Remember your unconscious mind functions on the level of a five-seven-year-old child.  We often spend a week or so preparing children for a new school year or term by waking them up a bit earlier each day so the transition isn’t quite such a shock.  And yes, even one day off plan can awaken that inner five-year-old.  So give yourself a little grace WHILE you are returning to your plan.

If you need some help working out your plan, give me a call.  We can get you there–

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