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Three Ways to Make That Happen for YOU: 

  1. Last week, we looked at the First:    Feel this in your bones:  It’s still NOT THE DIET – it’s just one tool, so choose what works and you can most easily tolerate.
  2. Identify what drives you to food for comfort or stress relief and resolve that.

Okay, THOSE things.   Those thoughts that plague us – feeling stuck, feeling like we’re just not enough, memories, wounds, unresolved issues.  What happens when you get knee deep in those thoughts and feelings?

Yes, we want some comfort, soothing, or stress relief.  Because we do, we often beat up on ourselves assuming there is something wrong with us.  There isn’t, it’s a pattern we’ve learned.  It’s an easy fix for those feelings even if it doesn’t last.  We’ve done it for so long, it’s hard to see a way to do something else.

Like many of you, it was clear that the foods did not help me in the end.  Giving in to a Twinkie, chocolate, or mac and cheese just made me feel worse in the end as I slathered on shame.

That stuff gets soooo heavy.  It’s like dragging a bag filled with rocks, and every time we cycle through it, more rocks are added, so it gets heavier. 

Now, I know I’m not a “light” traveler.  When I pack for a trip, I know I’m always going to be pushing the weight limits for my bag.  For travel, it’s the shoes, but for life, it’s all the emotional baggage I dragged along with me for decades.

Can you relate?

The only real solution for my suitcase or my baggage was to unpack, evaluate, and only pack what I truly need or want with me.

Unpacking the emotional baggage – the stuff that was driving the behavior bus – left me feeling lighter in heart, mind, and spirit.  It opened my eyes so I could get free of where I felt “stuck” or “not enough.” 

And it was more effective for my body than any diet I had tried.  When you aren’t using food to soothe yourself, you save a whole bunch of calories.

I want this for you as well, so while I’m celebrating my tenth Trimaversary this month, I have a special offer on my program – and for the next five who take me up on it, I’m going to sweeten the deal with a further discount.  Message me for the details.  We can do a Zoom call so we can get to know each other, and I can share the details of this very special offer.

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