Magic of Weight Loss Step Three: Foodie Still Needs Soothing


Yes, of course, we still need to find ways to soothe ourselves.  Absolutely!  We get stressed, upset, mad, sad, hurt, frustrated, and a host of other feelings, and we must use appropriate self-care to soothe ourselves.

We think food will magically make our “stuff” go away or at least quiet it down.  Yet, the relief is momentary at best, and we KNOW that, but we’ll take that moment.

The thing is, if food actually worked, we wouldn’t need the second or third helping or another bit of cake “just to clean up that edge in the pan.”  Not that my brother and I ever did that, you understand.  “It’s just a sliver.”


To truly eliminate emotional eating, that “magic-est” of all the healthy magic of weight loss, we must get down to gut-level honesty.  Our internal foodie is often a great excuse to just enjoy food.  Or is it just me?

We love food – the tastes, textures, mouthfeel, and satisfied feeling after we fill our bellies.  We love that moment of respite.  It’s a quick and easy fix even if it is fleeting. 

We go to food because it’s easy and available.  It feels like comfort and care – just like when we were children.  Remember the Brach’s “Pick-A-Mix” candy station?  So many different options.  It was special and indulgent, and it’s a sweet and deeply comforting memory of a time when a nougat, Neopolitan, Royals, or butterscotch cured what ailed you.  That’s not just nostalgia.  That’s a connection, an anchor of soothing.  Recognizing what you eat and why gives you back control, and you can choose a different way to soothe yourself.

Food is soothing, but it’s just not the only soother, and most soothers last longer and have fewer side effects.  What other things calm your heart when you’re stressed?  Make a list.  A walk outside, five minutes with a really good friend, a few minutes of something that makes you laugh deeply, a moment’s peace or solitude, a nap, listening to a cat purr, simply sitting back away from your desk and breathing deeply for a few minutes, music, creative expression, or physical exertion.  Pulling weeds has saved me many calories.   My Ragdoll cat Greyson is currently snoozing on my lap.  That rhythmic purr is magical.  Find yours.

We need soothing, so make a list of options you will do and work for you.  It will not feel the same at first as you’ve been doing it another way for a long time, but stay with it.  It’s a habit, and changing this kind of habit can set you free.

If you need a little help finding your better soother, let’s talk.  [email protected]

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