Magic Bullets

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Ever fallen prey to a Weight Loss Magic Bullet?   

A Magic Bullet is some pill that curbs your hunger, something you drink before you go to bed, a workout promise or piece of equipment, and often a diet – cabbage soup, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar come to mind.  Whatever form, this makes it so easy that the weight just falls right off you.  It is enticing.

After so many years of working hard to lose weight, someone promises this product can do just that without much work or hunger.  And it c.o.u.l.d. work – couldn’t it?  We WANT it to work.

Magic bullets promise hope, help, and a free pass, and of course, we want it to be true.  At its root, it’s the promise that we can be like “everyone else,” those who can eat what they want and not gain weight. 

Okay, so side note here:  think of how many people can actually do that.  Granted, there are a few, but it’s not everyone else, is it?  We focus on the few, but it’s not really true.  AND I didn’t get that body either.  Dang it!


Here’s the truth.  There are no magic bullets.  There will be plenty advertised after the holidays, but know that it doesn’t really exist.  If it did, well, that’s a secret too big to keep and too much money for someone to make, right?  Or there would be many who had long-term success with the pills, potions, and powders, and we’d all be slim and able to eat what we want at any time.

Consistent Frustration

Every diet I ever tried worked — UNTIL until I got upset or frustrated and went to food for comfort because I was an emotional eater.  The issue wasn’t the diet or exercise routine.  Like many of you, I knew enough plans and routines, and they worked well when I stuck with them. It’s when I veered off course that things went awry.  Yes, it was maddening — I could manage so many things in my life, but this tripped me over and over.    

Managing This One Area

The issue is finding what drives us to food for comfort and stress relief and resolving it.  It’s finding a more healthy and effective way to meet our needs, preventing sabotage.  When I overcame that emotional eating, I could follow a plan to success – and maintain that success.

So what drives you to food?  Resolve that, and you’ll be able to follow your plan forever.  Think of it, if you no longer eat for emotional reasons, how many calories would you save?

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