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Anyone can shed weight faster without starving.


You do not have to starve yourself to shed weight. 

In fact, if you do starve yourself, you may lose some.  Then when you bump up your calories, it will all come back – maybe even faster because your body’s directive is to keep you alive.  Starvation signals your unconscious mind to EAT NOW to make up the deficit.  This is why so many of the contestants on The Biggest Loser regain all their weight and more.

So what’s the answer? It’s you — using the key to permanent and faster weight loss. 

I know — You aren’t happy with your weight or feeling like you have to be stuck on a diet forever.  I wasn’t either, and I hadn’t been for a long, long time.  My grandmother said she practically had to starve to lose anything, so I spent those 40 years either starving or eating everything in sight.  Not a lot of moderation in between.

We are not alone.  Millions of people are frustrated by their inability to lose weight and keep it off. 

The problem is that conventional diet programs are not designed to create long-term weight loss. 

What do we do when we reach a goal?  Celebrate with all the forbidden foods.  I intended to try to stay on track with a maintenance menu, but I seldom did. The scale’s creep up would resume.  It was just part of the cycle.  I never even thought of being able actually to STAY at my goal for long.  Most experts say maintaining a goal weight for five years is very rare. 

The reason most diets don’t work isn’t because of whatever product they’re selling.  It’s because they don’t address the underlying causes of why we gain weight. 

If you want to lose weight long-term without starving, your program must be based on your individual needs and goals.  Most programs are cookie-cutter, rinse-and-repeat diet and exercise solutions.  I’ve done many – how about you?  And the cookie-cutter approach didn’t create my success in shedding my weight nor maintaining my goal for nine years and counting. 

Over years of coaching and counseling others on their journey to lose weight and live as their best selves, I have found three keys that help stop the Diet Yo-Yo so many women (including me) find themselves on.

Anyone can follow these methods to lose weight while eating delicious and satisfying food every day without starving themselves.

This system has worked for me and clients who were sick of failing again and again using traditional methods.

Next week, I’m hosting a three-day Masterclass, Shed Weight Faster – Without Starving. It’s a free event with a VIP upgrade option. Register here:  I will show you how to take back control, shed the weight and maintain your goal.  Come join me.  Learn how to shed weight faster – without starving.

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