To Live or Diet During the Holidays

Hello Friends,
The Five-Week Food Orgy, also known as Thanksgiving to New Year, is upon us in the United States.  We DO enjoy our food as we celebrate, and it is possible to celebrate and maintain your weight loss progress if you so choose.I know — it’s all about the feasting food!  Holiday favorites are memories encased in pastry, fondant, chocolate, or savory packages.  Wonder if there’s another way to adequately embrace those memories?  It would be individual in nature, of course, so you’d have to do some research.I love a good feast, and yet the MOST fun I have over a holiday is actually giggling with my cousins, moments of really good conversation with family and friends, and laughing over memories until our sides hurt.  It’s the long walk with my nephews.  It’s the side dish that goes a bit wrong and we have to improvise.  Memories like: how did that whole egg yolk make it through all the stirring of the dressing and show up in the serving dish on the table? It’s the camaraderie of the kitchen clean up, hanging out with friends, and feeling the spirit of the holidays ignite.  The best part of any holiday for me is connection.  When that’s flowing, food isn’t what I’m focused on.What makes the holiday for you?

If it’s the food, fair enough.  Enjoy every bite.  Consider moderating your intake a little, and when the holiday is over, go right back to your plan.

If you need a little help or some structure, don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Know that I am grateful for you–

All the best and happy researching,


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