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Thinking of throwing in the towel when it comes to reaching your “dream” goal weight goal?

I know how it feels.

The tug of war between what you want and what you end up with can be discouraging.

You end up feeling defeated, overwhelmed, or even resigned to never getting your weight under control.


On my journey to win over my weight struggles, I went through many of the same things you have


New Diet 1
followed by
New Diet 2
followed by
New Diet 3
followed by
High-Intensity Workout Plan 1
followed by

The Next New Thing


I’m sure you know how this ends.



But it’s rarely the diet that keeps your weight loss progress on track.

And usually, it is not the crazy hours in the gym that works long-term – because most people can’t keep up the pace.

What if I told you that my clients who learn and apply the simple steps of my program reach their goal weight and keep it as long as they choose to?

Would you believe me?


This method is responsible for transforming women over 40 who believed they were a lost cause into truly remarkable success stories.

But I get it.

You might say, “Yeah…this is a little too good to be true.”


“Yeah, but I have to survive on 1000 calories, right?”

And I understand that, especially with all the restrictive plans and “magic” solutions you hear about every day.


The Key


The key to long-term weight loss is — You.

Your relationship to food and what drives you to food.


If you solve that, then you will find that —

  • Most reasonable eating plans work (find something that is easy)
  • Most basic exercise programs work (find what you like)

Most gurus in the weight loss industry won’t show you this path, yet it’s one that anyone who is serious about meeting their long-term weight loss goals has to follow to win with weight.


I dedicated my coaching practice to helping people get past the blocks that hold them back from what they really want.

This applies directly to your weight loss goals.  It’s those blocks that stop us from long-term success.


If you clear out the baggage you’ve built up in your life, you’ll find the road to reaching and keeping your goal weight is much faster and much easier.

And it is rare that you will fall back to your old habits.


So to give you the fundamental, easy-to-follow steps, I want to offer my Launch into 2022 program just in time to prepare you to really win with your weight next year and every year after.


What is the Launch into 2022 package?


It has all the tools you need to get you started and on a proven plan!


The Launch into 2022 Package includes:

  • My Triggers and Solutions Online Course: ($99 Value)
    6 Foundational lessons to give you the tools to recognize and  overcome the triggers that drive you to emotional eating.
  • Access to the recordings of my Lose Weight This Year summit: ($299 Value)
    5 Speakers giving their unique perspective on weight loss and healthy living to reach your goals.
  • An Amazon Kindle version of my bestselling book “What’s Really Eating You”: ($5 Value)


  • PLUS:


  • A personalized, one on one session with Renee: ($250 value)
    This is one of the most valuable parts of the package.  You will get personalized, one on one feedback from me.
    I will meet with you on a Zoom call, one on one, to discuss your goals and ways you can get there in 2022.  I want you to leave knowing at least one significant block on reaching your goal and a specific plan on how to move past it.

The total value of the package is over $650, but for this  special offer, your cost is only a single payment of $199.

Imagine not having to worry in January about how you will lose those extra pounds you gained between November and the end of December.  

Imagine having an easy-to-follow game plan that puts you back in control of your weight.

That’s going to make starting 2022 a lot easier.


Let’s tackle the Emotional Eating speed bump this year!


All the Best!


When we face our stuff, we no longer have to stuff our faces.  Avoiding those ‘dead’ calories means that it is so much easier to lose weight and keep it off.”

Renee Jones

Coach, Author, Speaker

Want the Keys to Long-Term weight loss that my clients use?

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