Why do we doubt ourselves so much?

With my one-to-one clients, one of the themes we explore is emotional “baggage.”  No matter the origin of that baggage, whether it’s connected to self-worth, weight issues, trauma or other difficult experiences, or poor family relationships, the wounds play out in our hearts and sap our confidence. And it often drives us to soothing behavior like emotional eating. Doesn’t it?

The remedy?  Unpack that baggage and get rid of the stuff that no longer helps us.  Simple, right?

Grumble, grumble.

Definitely easier said than done, and it can be an ongoing process as we unpack a lifetime of dated beliefs, old containers of guilt, and random artifacts that live in the bottom of our life cases.  There’s a lot to sift through, and it can be painful.  Yet unpacking the baggage is how we heal our hearts – and if your heart was healed, would you doubt yourself so much?   

It takes some time and effort, some reformulating thoughts, actions, and habits, letting go of ways we’ve always done it or thought about things, choosing new ways, and settling ourselves in that – Whew!!!!  But it can be done. Faster than you might believe.

For now, if there was one piece of your “baggage” you could be free from, what would it be?

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