How Did I Just Gain 5 Pounds?

I know.  It happens.  We think we’re doing well, and all of a sudden — BAM!  I just gained!
If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes we can feel it, or we know that extra serving of whatever will lead to another extra of something else later.
Or we just get “creep” in our portion sizes — even with good-for-me foods.  The amount of food our bodies actually need and what our wanters think they HAVE to have can be two very different portions.  Whether you choose low carb, low fat, high protein, 80/20, SIRTfood, Keto, detox, or any other plan, getting to an awareness of what is right for our bodies is key.  
Play with your food for a few days.  Monitor your portions, types of foods, and what’s going on for you at that time.  Then check your satiety level at various points in the day and see what’s working for you.  What foods keep you satisfied?
Measure a portion or two and see how it looks on your plate.  Are you surprised at how much or little is there?
Is there a snack you’re grabbing at some point in the day in addition to your plan?  Or there another habit that has crept in quietly?
Creep happens, so don’t beat yourself up–just get back to it.  If we jump on it quickly, we can minimize the effects of a special event or a lapse before it becomes a detour.  Returning to good-for-me habits quickly helps maintain and continue the good progress.

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