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What’s up for your summer?

I don’t often do this, but I have a product recommendation.  I’ve been absolutely amazed.

Many of you know I do a protein shake for breakfast.  On cold days, I make it into a custard, and on warmer days, I make it into something between ice cream and a shake.  I make the base in my blender, then add ice and pulverize.  With a good blender, it’s quite lovely.  Mr. Jones often asks me if I’m having ice cream for breakfast again.  As much as I like ice cream and other creamy things, it’s been a treat.

We have a really good blender, so I’ve rebuffed the idea of a new machine that some call a glorified blender.  I’m also not fussed on kitchen equipment that has only one use, unless, like my kettle, I use it a lot.

What’s the product?  The Ninja Creami.  OH. MY. WORD. 

I mixed my shake yesterday with all water rather than ice and water and let it freeze for 24 hours as recommended.  I’d heard it was really noisy, and it is – but no noisier than the blender when I’m pulverizing ice.  When it finished, I tried the ice cream – and it was dense and lovely.  The texture was a game changer as it was so very creamy.

I noticed a thin ice ring around the fill line, and I’d read that this was nothing new.  One of the directions for this with the Ninja Creami is to respin.  It has a respin button, so I tried it.

The texture was still very creamy, but it was also like it had been whipped.  It was a wonderfully light but still dense texture of creaminess.

GAME CHANGER for me.  My shake is about 200 calories, and it keeps me more than satisfied through four hours.

Some say the amount produced is too much for them, so if.  Okay, so the Ninja Creami people say to level off the top of what’s left and refreeze.  Then spin when ready.  I have no idea yet about that, but I will try it with my next experiment.

The thing is, this is so much like ice cream.  I make really good ice cream without sugar, but it’s still rather calorie dense due to the fat content.  (If you’d like to try the recipes I use, go to: The Keto Ice Cream Scoop Cookbook | Carrie Brown)   However, for something a bit lighter but with all the creamy goodness of real ice cream, my shake may become my favorite dessert as well.  With the Ninja Creami, I can have half or even a third of it at a time, level off the top, return to the freezer, and spin again when I’m ready. 

Creamy, volume of ice cream, not many calories – oh yeah, that’s for me.  How about you?

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