It’s NOT the Diet: Settling for the Set Point


Many frustrated dieters ask me about the “set point.”  The theory is that you can go up or down, but you will always naturally return to your body’s set point. 


It’s a theory that has been debunked.  Yet, many believe it, so it feels true, but it’s such a flawed construct.

Think about this:  they only talk about it working in one direction.  It only affects a lower weight.  You’re now 15 pounds under your “set point,” so we have to take you back up.  That’s mean, isn’t it?  It’s like the body is against us. 

Yet if we go well beyond that point, does the body also regulate and return you to your set point?  We would not have more than 70% of the American population listed as overweight or obese if that were true.

I did this.  I got stuck at a certain weight.  I’d go up – way up, and I might go a few pounds below, but I was soon back at that same weight.  SO frustrating. 

It wasn’t a “set point.”  It was a “settling point.” 

We settle for a size – we feel a little better, we’re healthier than we were, our clothes can fit – especially with the grace of elastic.  We’re basically comfortable, and although we’d like to drop to a healthier place, it just feels like too much trouble.

Maybe you’ve worked hard to get to this space.  You’re tired of the whole rigamarole.  You just need a break.

Okay, we’re okay for now.  We can maintain.


We settle for that familiar spot – we’re comfortable enough, so we’re not as motivated to overcome our self-sabotage.  Even though our minds are fighting to drop down to a healthier mark, we unconsciously sabotage our efforts.  All too soon, our clothes feel tighter.  Slow creep up, isn’t it?

What do we do?


There is no “set point.” 

Do something different.  Change your food, change your exercise, change your routine, change your thinking.  Just shift something.

The body does adapt, and if we are consistently doing what we know works, the body follows.

Mental shifts – there’s something that isn’t working.  Do something different.

Emotional shifts—where are you sabotaging yourself?  When you got to food for comfort or stress relief, what are you actually looking for?

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