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I love October, and I’m ready for autumn to actually get here and stay here.  Texas is always a mish-mash of weather.  ALWAYS.  Well, apart from the summer when it goes from hot to hotter and stays there (not my favorite).  Autumn holds the promise of cooler days, and I so want it to deliver on that promise.

Promises: Please Deliver

Promises – we want them to deliver, don’t we?  From candidates to diet and exercise routines to those promises we make to ourselves – well, that last one is harder, isn’t it?  Especially with all the pumpkin spice everything and the fun-sized candies for Halloween staring at us.

What’s your promise to yourself for the remainder of this year? 

Will you stare down the Halloween candy before the day?  If you have your own trick-or-treaters, you may confess to raiding their stash at night.  Even if you don’t really want it.  It’s there.  Temptation calling out to you.  There’s something about the abundance of little fun-sized treats, right?    They’re so little – can’t be much in them, right?

Regret dawns with November, and then, here comes Thanksgiving, and the five-week food orgy from late November to New Year’s Day has begun.  It’s a self-sabotage nightmare. 

So what if you had a little help to get you ready to take on the holidays?

We have the usual questions like, “What do I do when everyone else is eating everything and I can’t?”  Or those moments when you’re doing well until my mom says – well, anything.  This year we also have COVID and the ongoing effects of the drama, isolation, masks, “will we or won’t we” of the holiday season, plus the national and international events.  It would be ever so tempting to abandon any efforts to overcome emotional eating and say,  “We need the comfort!”

Yet regret will follow, won’t it?  Always does.

Do It Differently

Would you like to do it differently this year?  Would you like to be ready to stick with YOUR best choices when temptation is on all sides?

Let’s talk strategies.  I’m going to do a free pop-up group challenge in early November.  Registration details and a link will be on Facebook and Instagram. 

We can do this differently this year.  You can get through the holiday season without the average 7-10 pound weight gain.  Wouldn’t that make the New Year brighter?

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