Is That Who You Want to Be?

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Renée is my middle name.  When my “legal” (read: First) name is called,  I’m the one for whom it doesn’t register, so they call again and eventually I jump up with “Oh, that’s me,” and I look a bit goofy. 

Our names are a significant part of our identities, and if you know the meaning, (as in Renée comes from Renaissance, meaning born anew or regeneration,) it can be inspiring. 

Do you know what your name means?

Choosing Your Own

Or is there a name you would prefer?  If you could choose a name, something that you are known for, something that describes your best self, what might that be?

A couple of friends call me “Radar.”  It comes from a character in an old TV series, and they thought I was really good at reading a situation before others did, could recognize what someone needed just before they knew they needed it, and was good at being supportive at just the right time.   That reminds me of my better self.

And That Lesser Self

I also have a nickname for my lesser self – the inner gremlin I call Ronny.  Not my favorite.  Ronny pops out at the most inopportune times as the worst version of myself.  That’s where I let old patterns run, things I thought I had resolved and that’s just not who I want to be.  I must once again choose to do things in a better way.

With Halloween just gone and the holiday season ahead, it would be so easy to let Ronny run the show when faced with all the lovely foods of parties and family gatherings, all the candy that is soooo available right now.  Giving in to that lesser self would be the easiest thing.

Except, it wouldn’t be really.  I spent 40 years going up and down that Diet Yo-Yo, so I know how that turns out.  I end up feeling physically bad and emotionally depleted.  See, Ronny cannot be satisfied.  There’s never enough.  NOTHING lasts long enough or fills completely enough.

Think about that.  If you had a friend who could never be satisfied, how long would you continue that relationship?  But we accept that nonsense from ourselves until we recognize it and choose differently.

One of my daily alarms says, “Is that who you want to be?”  Do I want to be that agent of regeneration and renewal – or that inner gremlin?  Whether it’s around food or around how I interact with life, putting it that way makes it pretty clear, doesn’t it?

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