Intuitive Eating: Healing or Self-Sabotage


I went bird hunting with my father and brother after my third summer as a camp counselor in college.  I earned my Sharpshooter Bar 9 with a .22 and stationary targets.  This was a 12 gauge and moving targets, but I knew the basic drill.  I’d been around guns on the ranch all my life.

We went to our specific places, and I sat on my camp stool listening and watching for movement. 

I heard the rustle, aimed my rifle just ahead of the birds, and pulled the trigger.  The rifle kicked hard, and I saw nothing but sky as I landed flat on my back.

We can have a lot of knowledge and skill, but nothing is so simple as just applying a skill.  If you’ve been on the Diet Yo-Yo for any length of time, you have the knowledge and skill, but self-sabotage has created a huge variable in consistency.   

Intuitive Eating, trusting yourself and eating according to your hunger signals, is a popular method of getting away from following a specific diet.  It’s a beautiful thing to trust yourself and listen to your body.  If you can do that, you are in a good place.  And, if you’ve struggled with it, you’re not alone. 

It can take some time, effort, and persistence to learn how to trust yourself, to read those hunger signals.   Many who try then beat themselves up and feel even more frustrated when they gain weight or fall off the wagon.  They go to self-blame or shame and wonder what is wrong with them.

The only thing wrong is that you are wounded.

This weekend, I did some gardening – alternatively standing, kneeling, standing, then kneeling.  When I felt my knee tweak, what did I do?  Did I shame myself for having a knee that has done a lot of miles?  Did I blame myself for not using a pad on the ground or not doing proper exercises to prepare?

No, I went inside, put on my brace, and returned to gardening. 

I didn’t need blame or shame.  I needed something that helped me with support and consistent movement. 

Learning to trust yourself takes a lot more effort and persistence than following a diet plan.  The books do not say, just trust yourself and go with it.  There is an entire process of healing, learning, and making peace with the process. 

It’s not a quick fix nor the only fix, but it can be healing, and that makes it last a lifetime.

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