Instant Solutions NEVER Create Lasting Change


Instant Solutions!  More Free Time!  Better Job! Find Your Passion in 30 minutes!  Lose Weight FAST!   60 pounds in 60 days!  “All you need to do is”:    Fill in the blank with whatever the latest thing is. 

It doesn’t even matter what it is — weight loss, organization, career, or any other form of personal growth or professional development.  There are plenty of advertisements out there for the quick fix, and some make it sound fantastically easy.

I get so fed up of these headlines, texts, and webinars.  How about you? 

They sell or tell you what will help you reach your goal in the short term.  And it may work – but once the challenge ends or the group disbands or you finish the course, what happens?

Want to make that organization, momentum, or weight loss last? 

The most powerful piece of any long-lasting change is – drum roll please – mindset.  It’s what you believe about it, what you say to yourself about it, how you think about it. 

Remember thinking about what you might do for work when you were a child?  I went through several stages myself.  How did you finally decide?  And since 78% of us change careers at least once in our lives, something changes.  Our mindset shifts, and we see a new opportunity.  Or, if it wasn’t our choice or it’s not a great situation, we may get stuck in an unhelpful pattern.  

Let’s be honest, most of us want to skip through the change process to the result with no muss, no fuss.  We know it doesn’t work that way, but it would be so nice, wouldn’t it?  Just change a program like we do on the computer?  But we’re not robots.  It’s the process of working through our habits, our thinking, our feelings about it all, our beliefs, our actions that creates the change in us.  We can’t just tape on a new muscle.  We have to go through the process that builds it.

What made my weight loss journey work and what maintains my goal is all about mindset.  I had to choose, and I continue to choose to believe it is possible to maintain my goal.  Statistics put me as an outlier.  I also know it would be easy to gain the weight back, but my mindset is fixed.  I learned what works for my body.  I dealt with what kept me caught in a self-sabotage loop, and I choose something that serves my best.  We do this with household budgets, paying taxes, and staying on the right side of the law.  Our mindset of being a good, upstanding, contributing citizen calls us to our best.

We know how to do this, and no quick fix is as effective as you setting your mind on a goal.  Admittedly, it helps to have a guide when working on the self-sabotage>  We’ve done it a certain way for a while, and I know I needed support to lock it in.   When you’re ready, let’s talk:  [email protected]

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