Improving Your View Changes Everything

Imagine your favorite scene — maybe mountains, beach, rolling hills, pets, children — whatever calms your soul.
For me, it’s the patchwork fields, mountains, and sheep of Wales.  That view tends to make me sigh deeply and feel at peace.

However, for a long time when I took a view of myself, well, let’s just say: not so much.  Even after I lost my weight, I’d see my flaws — that curve there could be smaller, my tummy is sticking out — you know the drill.  Or I’d consider my behavior or whether what I liked was popular enough, and I’d see the negatives.  I’m an introvert, I don’t like coffee, I snapped at that person when I shouldn’t have.  It’s fine to notice our failings, but I often took it too far.  Know what I mean?  We certainly don’t like it when others persistently point out our flaws, but we seldom give ourselves a break from criticism.  We get into that vicious cycle of beating up on ourselves, which means we need to comfort ourselves, so we eat for comfort, which feeds our criticism of our bodies, which leads to beating up —

Doesn’t lead to much peace, does it?

Consider taking a little “vacation” from that critical voice.  What would that be like for you?  What if you changed the focus of your view of yourself?  Looking perhaps for something good rather than just the negative.  I know.  It feels weird, maybe untrue, and it takes a little practice — believe me, it took me too long, and it was not particularly comfortable in the process.  Consider viewing yourself as kindly as you would your best friend.  Take it slowly.  Start with one or two things.  No need to get crazy here —

For me, the results have been lovely, from weight loss to maintenance to confidence to just feeling good, at peace with myself.  Improving your view of yourself will change everything.  

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