Investing in Yourself

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How much time and money do you spend on caring for yourself – on your health, your heart, your growth?

Let me guess – it’s a lot less than you spend on caring for others. 

I get that – putting others first, the time issue, financial stuff, and the general exhaustion once you complete all those tasks and concerns.

Even though it’s obvious that your own care and growth would keep you well and flourishing, the questions are: When?  How? Where’s the time for it?

Sometimes it helps to have a short-cut.

The Usual Shortcuts

In the weight-loss world, that’s often a quick-fix diet, pill, or powder, and perhaps weight does come off quickly, but soon after, it returns – perhaps just as quickly.  Or perhaps it’s a new gym or workout that shreds fat – when you have time for it, but the demands on your time and energy (see above) often divert your self-care.

I don’t even want to think about how much time and money I invested in trying to lose my weight over that 40-year Diet Yo-Yo:  books, programs, powders, the desperate purchase of some proprietary formula that would make it easy – but didn’t.

The best short-cut for me was investing in help to overcome emotional eating, and that was quite effective.  When you don’t eat for emotional reasons, it saves a whole lot of calories. Eight years later, I’m still at my goal weight, which is great, but even more valuable was the effect it had on my heart and helping me get unstuck in a lot of ways. 

You see, it’s not the diet or workout that creates the change:  It’s the thousands of little choices we make throughout the day.  Without all the emotional stuff clouding our view, choices are clear. 

Once I felt that freedom, I had to share.

Investing in Self

University and graduate degrees gave me a good basis of knowledge, but I needed some direction in business and translating knowledge into the practical skills I use to help others.  I invested over $75,0000 in specific trainings and courses that I believed would be most helpful and effective.  I invested in myself so you wouldn’t have to struggle with plans and programs that don’t get to the root of the issue, that don’t help you overcome emotional eating. 

One of the best lessons was learning to invest in myself.  In the end, that benefits everyone around me because it brings out my best.  Imagine what life would be like if we were all living out of our best selves.

So, how can you invest in yourself so you can share with the world your best self?

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