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Transform the Holidays and
Make 2023 Your Best Ever

Learn the Proven Method to Take Charge Over Emotional Eating BEFORE the Holidays!


I used to dread the holidays.  Just a little.

Don’t get me wrong.  The holidays can be great!  I love seeing family and getting everyone together to catch up, share, and connect.
But I knew there were going to be temptations.
I knew there was going to be stress (politics anyone?).
I knew something wasn’t going to go the way I wanted whether it was a burned casserole or someone bringing up an argument from 10 years ago.
I found myself digging into the fudge or the buttered rolls or the Bundt cake, even when I told myself before even started that I was not going to stuff myself with things that would only make me feel worse that evening (and the next day).
And of course that set me up for feeling behind the curve when the New Year rolled around.  I mean I was already off my diet, and I had already gained 5 pounds (or more).  I bucked myself up to get back on track, and I did for a while, but I was starting out with a weight around my neck (and other places–).  It just made things harder.
I finally found a way to break the cycle. Not just on the holidays but year round.
And I didn’t feel deprived of the things I wanted.  And I didn’t feel shame because my willpower failed again.  And I started to feel a lot better about how I looked in the mirror.  My weight changed, my confidence changed, and my life changed.
When we deal with the emotional baggage that holds us down, it frees us.
It frees us from the calories we eat, and it frees us from the doubts that we are even worthy because of the “failures” we have experienced in our lives.
This Holiday I want it to be different for you.

I DON’T want you worry about when your willpower will run out or when you will just stop loading up on all the temptations without even thinking about it.
I DON’T want you to feel deprived. 
I DON’T want you to feel restricted.
I DON’T want to you worry.
I DO want you to look forward to the New Year knowing it will be different this time.
I DO want you to know that putting these things into practice will help you, and it will help those who know and connect with you.
I DO want you to give you the tools to see you through the Holidays and into next year.

How I Can Help You Win the Battle

And this is how I am going to do it….
I created a new program just for the Holidays that will get you going now and help you launch into next year with confidence and peace.
It’s called Transform Your Holidays, and it is designed to get you up and going quickly with coaching from me as well as a TON of other stuff to help you learn about you and keep you on the path you want.
Here is the whole rundown:
  • Six Live Group Calls with me ($750 Value)
  • One 1 to 1 session with me to determine your Emotional Eating Personality (Value $250)
  • Access to my Members Only Facebook Group ($300)
Plus theses Bonuses for this offer only:
  • A guided meditation recording ($100)
  • One Check-in Group call in January ($125)
For the first 10 members who join:
  • The Triggers and Solutions online course ($100)
 Here’s how it breaks out.
Core Program:
  • Six Live Group Calls: We will go through 6 fundamental lessons that will help you identify and learn how to handle any emotional stumbling blocks that come up.
  • One on One Emotional Eating Personality session:  I will help you identify your personality style and how that relates to keeping on the path you choose.  We aren’t all the same and this helps you understand where you are strong and how you can stay on track with less effort.
  • Members Only Facebook Group:  You can ask questions between sessions, connect with other members, and get feedback on whatever comes up.
  • Guided Meditation Recording: You can listen to this every day to help solidify your progress and help you reset if you are struggling.
  • January Check-In Group Call: After you have made it through the end of 2022 and have started 2023, let’s check in and see if anything has come up.  If anything is getting you off track, we can address it and get you back on track.
Fast Action Bonus: (First 10 purchases)
  • My Triggers and Solutions online course: This is my foundational course to help you learn the important concepts and get off on the right foot.

This is what you need to finish off 2022 strong and head into 2023 with more confidence and less “baggage”.

My Guarantee to You

If you want to really make a change, I want to support you as much as I can.  I know this process works because I have used it with all of the clients who come to me with emotional and stress baggage that they struggle with.

So I want to make  you this guarantee:

If you go through the first session and don’t see the value in learning in the training and learning how to beat emotional eating, just ask for a refund.  I want you to succeed and I want you to trust the result you will get over the next 6 sessions.  If you are all in, I am all in with you. 

So What Will It Be?

So this is the point you decide.

Do you want 2023 to be better than 2022?  2021?  2020?

Do you want to have a new outlook, new confidence, and less weight when you enter 2023?

Do you want to know how to handle the stressors that sabotage not only your weight goals but your ability to stick to the path  you chose?

If so, please join be in the Transform the Holidays group.  This can really change your life and I will be there to give you the support and guidance you need as you grow through this process.

The meetings will be held on the following Tuesdays at 7:00pm US Central time:

October 25
November 1
November 22
November 29
December 20
January 3
January 17 (the bonus check-in)

Just click on one of the links below and I will see you starting on October 25!   



This method is responsible for transforming women over 40 who believed they were a lost cause into truly remarkable success stories.

But I get it.

You might say, “Yeah…this is a little too good to be true.”


“Yeah, but I have to survive on 1000 calories, right?”

And I understand that, especially with all the restrictive plans and “magic” solutions you hear about every day.


The Key


The key to long-term weight loss is — You.

Your relationship to food and what drives you to food.

If you solve that, then you will find that —

  • Most reasonable eating plans work (find something that is easy)
  • Most basic exercise programs work (find what you like)

Most gurus in the weight loss industry won’t show you this path, yet it’s one that anyone who is serious about meeting their long-term weight loss goals has to follow to win with weight.

I dedicated my coaching practice to helping people get past the blocks that hold them back from what they really want.

This applies directly to your weight loss goals.  It’s those blocks that stop us from long-term success.

If you clear out the baggage you’ve built up in your life, you’ll find the road to reaching and keeping your goal weight is much faster and much easier.

And it is rare that you will fall back to your old habits.

So to give you the fundamental, easy-to-follow steps, I want to offer my Launch into 2022 program just in time to prepare you to really win with your weight next year and every year after.

What is the Launch into 2023 Jumpstart?

It has all the tools you need to get you started and on a proven plan!


The Launch into 2023 Jumpstart is a 90 minute bootcamp to teach you how to identify those emotional stumbling blocks and overpower them.

Imagine not having to worry in January about how you will lose those extra pounds you gained between November and the end of December.  

Imagine having an easy-to-follow game plan that puts you back in control of your weight.

That’s going to make starting 2023 a lot easier.


Let’s tackle the Emotional Eating speed bump this year!


All the Best!


When we face our stuff, we no longer have to stuff our faces.  Avoiding those ‘dead’ calories means that it is so much easier to lose weight and keep it off.”

Renee Jones

Coach, Author, Speaker

Want the Keys to Long-Term weight loss that my clients use?

Get My Workbook that Shows You How to Win

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