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I said this many a time over my 40-year Diet Yo-Yo – because I was quite hungry most of the time.  Can you relate?

It’s an old paradigm that we HAVE to endure hunger in order to trim down, but it’s a strong one that comes from the era of starvation diets.  The thinking was that if you wanted to lose quickly, it would accomplish the task.  The downside is that not only was it unpleasant, but the weight also comes back just as quickly because it tends to put the body in preservation mode that willpower is powerless against once the event is over. 

Cookie-cutter plans don’t help us much either.  They do work when followed, but it becomes a “follow this as long as you can stand it” prospect.  Hopefully, we reach our goal, but if we don’t, we blame ourselves, which is rather unfair.

Think about this:  No “one size fits all” t-shirt actually fits all.  It fits only a small segment of the population.

One type of nutrition plan fitting the health and metabolism needs of every person is just as limited and honestly, naïve. 

Individual chemistry requires attention for medication prescriptions, like a different drug or dosage.  Some people love the herb cilantro, but to others, it tastes like soap.  My shoe size is different to many others, but I don’t expect everyone to wear a ladies US 7 ½ (EU 38, UK 5).  So WHY would one nutrition plan, especially one that leaves you hungry all the time, seem sound?  Yes, I know it’s easy as a blanket prescription, but it’s kind of cruel when that plan doesn’t work for your body.

You do not have to be hungry all the time.  I know what that’s like.  That’s actually how I lost my weight – but that tired, hungry, cranky Renée was not particularly pleasant.  Do not let that zap your motivation.  You simply need a program that fits your body.

How do you find that? 

  1. Trial and error:  Track your food and log how it makes your body feel – satiated, strong, and happy or hungry, tired, and cranky.  It gives you a snapshot, and you can go from there.
  2. Elimination diets:  Follow the guidelines to pinpoint what foods bother you.
  3. Metabolic assessment:  This is the process that has kept me at my goal weight – without being hungry nor tired, and definitely not cranky.  I have a color-coded food list and menu sample.  Do I follow it perfectly?  No, and it still works.  When I do follow it, I feel at my best.

I offer this metabolic assessment to my clients as part of the Make It Happen program, but if you’d like to easily identify the nutrition that fits your body, I’m offering it separately.  Sign up here:

Imagine your motivation level if you didn’t have to suffer with being hungry. 

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