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Oh, my word do I get that one. 

“Coach speak” would dictate asking what’s creating the perception of “failing,” but I relate to that feeling of failure too well to ask.  We’ve tried so many times, right? 

I remember many conversations with my cousin during a family weekend at our grandparents’ place when we were teens.  She would always say, “We’re going on a strict diet.”  We’d discuss ways we could “stick to it” THIS TIME. 

We never did, of course, and the next time the family was all together and being fed like we hadn’t eaten in the weeks between, we’d say it again.

The deuce of it was that we always believed it when we said it.  Our intentions were great, yet self-sabotage would never be far behind.

We knew enough diets, but we didn’t really have a plan.  “Strict” diets usually mean a lot of deprivation, and that’s really hard to live with.  Last week we talked about finding the nutrition that works for your body.  That’s essential and why I include that for my clients as it removes the deprivation aspect and, because it gives you the best, most satisfying nutrition for your body, it works for the long term without starving.  A plan is essential as we know “just trying to make better choices” seldom does it.

We also didn’t live anywhere near each other to offer support, and in those days, we didn’t have internet or cell phones to help each other stay on track.  It’s no wonder we failed.  We hadn’t accounted for the one thing that helps most people succeed – help with self-sabotage. 

Years go by, failed attempts mount up, and somehow, we still think we can do it on our own.  Decades of evidence proved that I could not.  I needed help, not because I didn’t know what to do, but because I didn’t know how to do it consistently nor overcome self-sabotage from emotional eating.

Few can do it on their own AND make it last for a few months much less years.  I’m an outlier at maintaining for over ten years, I know, but as I continue to follow what works for me, I continue to maintain.

If you just want to drop a few pounds for an event, that’s one thing, and any diet will do for as long as you can stand it. 

However, if you want to lose the weight AND keep it off, that requires more from us than any fad going.  We must recognize and address where we sabotage ourselves both consciously and unconsciously, which needs some objectivity as our perspective – at least mine – was more than skewed.

Perhaps a cousin, family member, or friend can play this role for you.  Perhaps, like me, you need someone outside your circle.  It was well worth it for me, a priceless gift, as it was an opportunity to adapt for the life I wanted, a life of success.

If you relate, message me.  When you’re ready to lose, I can help you win.

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