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It feels like so many programs have failed us.  Yes, diets do work if we’re consistent, but the deprivation makes it hard to stay on track.  Then Intuitive Eating or “No Diet” Diet was supposed to be the fix.  It’s a wonderfully useful tool, but it takes a lot of inner healing to be able to apply it, and that feels like it’s our fault yet again, doesn’t it?  It’s not, but it feels that way.

The truth is that nutrition is an incredibly complex issue.  Full stop.  Yet we’re given a one-size fits all plan, and again, we feel like it’s our fault when we fail.  It’s not, but it feels that way.

Remember, pharmaceuticals must be adjusted for our particular issue and chemistry.  The balance of nutrition, exercise, hormone fluctuations, and body chemistry also require individual adjustment.  Then there are emotional and mental aspects to manage.  Any nutritional plan is a starting point rather than the rule.  Think of it, how many times were you following a plan really well – and then something occurred, and all bets were off?  It was as if your willpower was gone in an instant, and you could not stop yourself – you had no control whatsoever. 

It’s not your fault.  You weren’t being weak or undisciplined.  Willpower can’t beat the body’s real nutritional needs for long, nor can it account for the mental or emotional needs and issues.

Did you see the 2000 film Chocolat?  The mayor of the town had undertaken a season of severe deprivation as part of his Lenten practice.  He had depended on his discipline and willpower to manage for six weeks.  On the eve of Easter Sunday, he was in such a foul humor (because he was hungry) that he bashed up the display in the Chocolaterie window.  When a speck of chocolate hit his lips, he tasted it, and before he knew it was happening, he was eating everything in sight.   He missed his best chance there, which would have been to keep walking past the shop, but after that burst of effort from his righteous indignation burned his last bit of willpower, he was toast.  His body needed fuel – and a bit of joy.

A weight loss program must address nutrition, but that plan must fit your body, mind, and heart.  The faster the results, the more likely one of those parts is being sacrificed in favor of the result.  Addressing all the parts takes longer.  It’s not flashy.  You don’t get those “I lost 10 pounds in a month!” testimonials, but the long-term effects are lasting. 

Slow and steady works.  Think of it, what if you lost a pound or two a month for a year?  What if that slow, steady pace meant it wasn’t painful or didn’t feel like such work?  What if, while you were doing that, you resolved the stuff that drove you to food so marching toward your goal got easier, and you felt better in your mind and heart?  What if it was a way to live and eat that was sustainable?

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