Hello, Best

So, I’ve been known to beat myself up when I make mistakes or poor choices.  I’m not alone, am I? 

The impulse to have a go at ourselves may have come from our childhoods, school experiences, or some tough relationship experiences, and we tend to hold onto the pattern – and maybe the stick of guilt and shame – throughout our adulthood unless we see it and stop it. 

How does it help us to beat up on ourselves?  If you’re like me, it doesn’t.  Really.  Yet it’s so familiar –

How do we exit this pattern?

It takes intention. 

It takes practice.

It takes some grace.

Who are you when you’re at your best?  It may be useful to make a list of your actions and attributes when you’re feeling your best and most confident self.

I rather wish those qualities could be forever suspended in front of my face for easy reference when I’m not feeling my best, but failing that option, we have to find ways to remind ourselves. 

Evaluate where you are right now on your list.  Is that who you are being?  Whether it’s in relation to emotional eating or nutrition or life, how are you being your best?  What is one action you can take today to get back toward your best?  What habits or rituals can you establish to help you stay there?

Here’s the grace —

When you’re off track, please remember:  It’s okay.  Sometimes we forget who we truly are.  Remember your best.  And welcome back.

Be kind to yourself.  If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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