Habits: Hurry Up to Fewer Options 

Habit:  Drive through dinner on the way to soccer practice or an evening activity.

I know.  Sometimes our hurried lives leave seemingly few options, and you’re doing the best you can.  And sometimes, we allow ourselves an excuse that may or may not be completely accurate even when it sounds good.

To unwind that—take a serious look at your days and weeks.  Everyone needs recharge time, and yet sometimes that can drift into “But I don’t want to-land.”
Be honest with yourself.  This is your health and the health of your family, and if you have children, this is training for your family in how “family” is done.
What are your other real options?
Take the pieces of your puzzle and look at them as you might for a friend.
What could you do differently to provide better nutrition for you and your family?
What can you do that would be consistent with your goals for health and weight loss?  Even if it’s a little less convenient.

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