Habit Creation:  Tempting Foods in the House

Poor habit:  Keeping tempting foods in the house

We say, “I’m not eating that,” but if it’s too easily accessible, it can be hard to stay the course. When you live with others, they may not share your desire for purging the house of tempting foods, so keeping the peace requires a little creativity.

The Rewind:
If you do live alone, the simple answer is to avoid purchasing foods you don’t want to have in the house.  I know — it may be simple, but it’s not always easy.

If you live with others or want to keep certain foods for “emergencies,” make a good habit of the food or drink’s placement.  Out of sight is still out of mind.

a) Use opaque containers for storage so you cannot see the food
b) Put those containers above or well below your eye level.  We tend to see what’s at eye level first, so put it up or down a couple of shelves.
c) Designate a drawer, cupboard, or other designated that you do not normally use for indulgent foods.  My husband came in with salted and roasted nuts one day when I was not at my best.  I made him take them straight up to his office so I wouldn’t give in to the temptation.  I know myself when it comes to salted nuts.  It’s a trigger food, and it’s best if my portion is measured.

If you can’t eliminate certain foods from your home, manage their accessibility.  If we don’t see it, we’re less likely to indulge.

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