It Goes Beyond Food

During a follow-up session, and I asked my client what she had learned that she could take with her.  She was learning to listen to her body, to differentiate feelings that were asking for soothing from actual physical hunger, and to recognize her value.  She said, “It goes beyond food.”

We often make the mistake of thinking that our weight and dieting issues are all about the food.  Is it sometimes about one too many drive-through or indulgent meals?  Sure.  Yet most of our day-to-day challenges with our weight have little to do with food.  Food is just symptomatic.  When we’re staring longingly into the refrigerator or pantry, it’s seldom about physical hunger.  We want to feel better, and surely something in there will provide some relief.

It won’t.  It never has.  But we do it — until we choose to go find what will actually soothe us.  Once we get a sense of how true soothing feels, we begin to see food differently and wonder why we settled for such a poor substitute for so long.  We begin to realize that what’s really eating us goes beyond the symptom of adding food to our plates.  Find the root of the issue, and the food questions will answer themselves.

If you need a little help getting to that root, don’t hesitate to call.  Real freedom is so very cool.

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