Get Unstuck and Live Your Dreams


Your Needs Matter. 

Your confidence matters. 

Your sense of worth matters. 

Your health matters.

Believe it?

These things we know intellectually, but we get so stuck in our thinking, feelings, and beliefs that we dismiss it as something to think about or do “someday.”  We get stuck in that noble loop of prioritizing others, which is a good thing, and yet never getting around to looking after ourselves until our bodies, minds, and hearts begin to fall apart is all too costly.  Being stuck packs a carry-on bag for us that gets really heavy over time, doesn’t it?

The bag holds so many things.  For me it was weight loss and self-worth, but for you it may be confidence, health or the many questions, needs, and limiting beliefs we hold onto – things we stay stuck in. 
Remember the life you thought you might live when you were just out of high school or college?  Maybe when you met your partner or moved to a new city.  Remember when the world was before you and your dreams were big?

What happened?  Did you fulfill your dreams?  If so, fantastic!  If not, what happened?  We all get tossed about a bit by life – that’s how we seemed to forget that our needs mattered.  Maybe the partner or the career didn’t work out, health gave you more challenges than expected, and we fall into a life.  We get stuck.  The good news is that we do not have to stay stuck. 

Ready to get “Unstuck” and back on the journey you want to be on?

I’m doing an event:  Get Unstuck and Live Your Dreams.  We’ll talk about patterns of being stuck and what we can do to get unstuck. You get to participate live if you’re happy to do that – no pressure if you aren’t — so bring your carry-on bag of thoughts and feelings about where you are stuck.   Note:  You cannot buy anything at this event.  It’s not a sales presentation.  This is about usable content, and  I will give you an itinerary for shifting out of stuck, maybe a few excursions you can make, and we will have time to talk through a few options – why? 

Because your needs matter.  Your confidence matters.  Your sense of worth matters.  Your health matters.  We’ll find a way you can believe it.

Please join me on February 22nd at 7 EST/4 PST

Please register here:

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