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Gaining weight is so easy. 

Would that it were so easy to lose it again.  Yet it isn’t. 

Fat loss is a complex chemical process that varies so much from individual to individual.  Call it our genes, our body chemistry, our previous experiences, our desire and ability to follow the plan – there are so many moving parts, which makes it more frustrating, doesn’t it?

This diet worked for my friend, but it hasn’t worked for me.  Add in all the conflicting information out there about what works for weight loss and our health – “eat this” is great until the next guru says, “No, don’t eat that.”  One says, “You HAVE to do this to lose,” and the next says, “No, you mustn’t do that if you want to lose.”  It’s so confusing.

Confusion Creates Frustration

That confusion gives way to frustration, which activates emotional eating and having whatever whenever.  The following weight gain leads to the guilt and self-shaming, which puts us back on the hunt for a new diet – and Hello, Diet Yo-Yo.  You’re back again.

The first thing I can say is that if you’ve struggled with getting to your goal, it’s NOT really YOUR fault.  The mass of information out there is so confusing that the overload keeps you from success.  How can we know what to do when so many experts contradict each other?

Perhaps you are like I was – after 40 years of the Diet Yo-Yo, I’d done all the different diets with varying degrees of success and failure.  One diet I tried was so low in fat and calories, that while I did lose steadily, I was freezing, my skin went very dry, and I was incredibly hungry.  My jeans fit better, but I was miserable, and like every other plan I’d tried, my jeans didn’t fit that way for long once I was off the plan.

Do These Plans EVER Work?

The thing is:  Part of the reason experts contradict each other is because their beliefs do fit some segments of the population.  It’s just that they aren’t right for everyone.  Different bodies, different genetic and chemical storms within.  Different experiences, different responses.  Different environments, emotional load, stress, sleep quality, socio-economic factors, and preferences.  Finding what works for your body is essential for success.

That’s why I start there with my clients: Finding the right nutrition plan that works for your body.  It takes some time and experimenting, but if you feel satisfied after a meal rather than ravenous, you’re more likely to make good choices.  The satisfaction calms the need to eat for emotional comfort. When I’m satisfied, I get much less frustrated, and I can keep working toward my goal.  How about you? 

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