From the Diet Yo-Yo to 10 Years at Goal: Three Ways To Make That Happen for You.

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I’m celebrating my TENTH Trimaversary

After spending 40 years yo-yoing up and down the scale, I hit my goal weight on October 8, 2012, and ten years later, I’m still at that goal weight – and I have not suffered nor felt deprived.

What made the difference? 

There are several parts to that answer, but honestly, it wasn’t the diet.  I’m quite serious.  We can make any diet work for us.  We can make a “no-diet plan” work for us.  We can make intuitive eating, fasting,  vegetarian, Keto, Carnivore, or any other plan work to lose the pounds.  That was never the issue.    The issue is the big hairy monster:  MAINTENANCE.

Three keys to long-term maintenance:

  1. Know this.  Feel this in your bones:  It’s still NOT THE DIET

Yet we’ve clung to them, depended on them, tried every possible combination trotted out to us from world-famous names to our favorite aunties to friends.   If someone lost weight, they MUST know the answer. 

Every diet works while you do them.  How tolerant we are of a specific plan is a different question, but they do all work for someone.  Staying on the plan and then shifting into maintenance is where we falter.

Think about it – how many times when you are following a plan, do you “just want to eat” or reach for something and it has nothing to do with hunger?  Maybe you’ve tried appetite suppressants to keep yourself from being so hungry  – I know I did, and I still found myself staring longingly into the refrigerator for —— “something.” 

What is that?

Could be stress, frustration, some kind of upset, loneliness, boredom, a version of entertainment  – it’s usually soothing from something.  We learned early in our lives that putting something in our mouths makes us feel better.  That has nothing to do with the plan you choose. 

It has everything to do with finding what works for your body, mind, and soul and doing that consistently.

I know.  It’s not the answer you may want, but it’s the truth.   The nutrition plan is one tool, and finding what keeps you satisfied is a metabolic issue, and in my program, that’s where we start, which takes care of the body’s needs.  Your mind and soul have their own ideas, and we’ll look at those next time.

For now, because it’s my Trimaversary, and I want to share how you can do this as well,  I have a special offer on my program – and for the first ten who take me up on it, I’m going to sweeten the deal with a further discount.  Message me for the details.

I can tell you, walking into my closet or stepping on the scale at my doctor’s office has a totally different feel than it did ten years ago.  My weight stays constant within a pound or two, and there’s no looking down at the scale in horror, no feeling bad about myself or wondering if my clothes will fit.  It’s a weird thing for them to wear out before I need a different size.  It’s a fabulous feeling – and you can have it, too.

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