Forget the Diet: The Decision is the Hard Part


Forget the Diet:  The Decision to Follow is the Hard Part

In a post in one of my groups, someone was talking about knowing what to do, but the real challenge was the decision to commit themselves to a plan. 

Ooh boy, I relate to that.  How about you? 

The comments following that confession show it’s a very common struggle.  Maybe we say:  I’m just not in the right place/headspace, or I just can’t make myself do this right now, or it’s too hard or restrictive, or there’s too much temptation around me, or I don’t have time. 

The truth is, that does not go away.  I’m over 11 years into maintaining my goal weight, and that mental “noise” can still be a challenge. 

The difference is knowing what to do to shift from that “meh” mindset to the “Yes!” of commitment.

For some of us, that means finding the nutrition that actually works for our bodies – rather than leaving us tired, hungry, and cranky all the time.

For others, it’s a mindset thing, and here’s where we start: Identify the block or self-sabotage.  What is creating the friction?  Specifics help here. 

Is it FOMO?  If so, what do you expect to be missing out on?  Are there both positive and negative sides to that?

Are you frustrated?  Maybe what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, taking more time than expected, or yielding a different result than expected.

Is it not having enthusiasm for it?  Either not really wanting to reach your goal – there’s a whole series in that waiting to happen – or not having the support and feeling that frustration, or looking around at others and questioning your desires and motives. 

For still others, it’s not knowing what to do in place of what food does for you.  If food soothes you, how do you get that soothing as effectively elsewhere?  Food isn’t the only way to soothe, but it’s easy, available, and takes no imagination or effort to obtain.

What stops you from doing what you know to be good for you?  Find that and resolve it, and the “Yes!” comes naturally. 

If you’re ready to find your “Yes!” but need some help to find the block, contact me [email protected]

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