Favorite Tools That WORK

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We’ve been talking about tools, and here are some of the practical tools I recommend:

Step Tracker:  You can get a famous brand or a basic tracker.  It’s a tool, not a fashion statement.  The value in recording your steps is in having a clarifying record.  I was quite surprised by how few steps I got on days I was home-based.  It can be a great motivation device – I might be guilty of walking around the house or backyard late in the evening to reach my daily goal.

A Food Tracker:  Confession:  I do not track all the time.  I do track periodically to see where I am. 

The thing is, we get portion creep.  As a 40+-year over-eater, I can’t always trust my “eye.”  A tracker helps me find where my perception has strayed and recalibrate it.  

Exercise:  My main exercise is walking the dog, but in February, I got an X3 Bar because I wanted to regain some strength. Confession:  I’ve done enough new workouts to know I’ve had my fill of being overly sore, so I took this resistance training very slowly.  The thing I like about this X3Bar is that it gives me a full-body work out in 15-20 minutes two days per week.  That’s it, but that’s what I wanted – a short workout.  The X3 Bar is simple and efficient.  It’s also working – my muscles measurements have increased even with my low-key approach.  It wasn’t cheap, but I am working it, and isn’t that sometimes the thing?  If we’ll do it?  The key is finding some form of exercise or exercise options that you can see yourself doing for a long time.  We always need strength.

Mantra:  You already know about my mantra from when I was losing my weight:  “Face your stuff; don’t stuff your face.”  I still use it when I realize my “stuff” is getting in the way.   Another mantra I use when I’m tempted is: “Step out of the kitchen.”  Sometimes we simply need to walk away from temptation.  Simplistic?  Yes.  Effective?  You betcha.

Accountability:  Unless you are really good at fulfilling your expectations and goals for yourself, this really helps.  This is what made the difference for me, and I continue to use accountability to get to my goals.  I needed a coach, as I had no idea of how to make this change and make it last. 

Friends and co-workers are also options as long as you will allow them to hold you accountable. 

Be careful about making it some event – the problem comes with maintaining the new weight after the event is over – thus beginning the Diet Yo-Yo again. 

The great thing about the coach is that you have the opportunity to sort out the old baggage that drove you to food for comfort.  It helps to unpack that stuff so you can pack your own bag for the journey you want to be on.

What are your best tools?

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