Ever Try Running With a Bag of Rocks?

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I often see a group of three to four guys (depending on the day) in my neighborhood park running with extra weight strapped to their bodies.  They’re training for something, and they’re getting quite fit.  Lovely, but not for most of us. 

Yet we make other choices that make things so much harder for reaching our goals and follow it with a good slather coating of frustration, guilt, and shame for not reaching our goals.  Or is that just me?

By mid-to-late January, most people have abandoned any goals or resolutions, and many no longer bother with them as setting a goal again and again and not reaching it is depressing.  We’ve failed too many times and don’t want the thoughts haunting us, another failure, another disappointment. 

Like many of you, I bought program after program to address my weight struggle, self-worth, accountability, and the tools to succeed.  I began to wonder what amount I would have to pay to get the results I wanted. 

Honestly, some of it was on me if I purchased a program and didn’t invest myself enough.  It still adds to our feelings of failure, our wounds, and the damage to our mindset.  It also makes a shining beacon out of our feelings that “I am not enough.” 

I hate that hole, but I’ve fallen into it many times.  How about you?

So how do we get “unstuck”?  How do we actually get past some of the blocks?  How do we believe in ourselves again?  How do we get ourselves to the point that we want to be “unstuck”?  That’s sometimes an issue as well, isn’t it?  How do we get out of the hole, not only to save ourselves from that downward spiral, but also how do we settle the stuff that keeps pushing us toward it again and again?

So many women I talk with struggle with feeling stuck.  It may be living on an autopilot they did not intend, it may be self-worth, or not feeling enough.  It often surfaces in the area of weight, but that’s only a piece of it.  In the end, they feel like they’re trying to run while carrying that bag of rocks.  They’re trying to live the life they’ve fallen into rather than the one they dreamed of.

Shall we reclaim our lives?  –the life you wanted rather than the one you fell into.  Now there’s a thought –  Imagine that.  What would it be like if you fell in love with your life again?

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