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“And the Soul Felt Its Worth”

It’s a line from my favorite Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  A number of years ago, someone pointed out this line that I’d sung for years but had never registered — and every day in my counseling and coaching practice, I see the epidemic of the low value we place on ourselves, how our souls do not feel their worth.

This season, for so many spiritual traditions, is about love and the light that comes into the world.  Even the days start getting longer again.  Light brings vision. It brings clarity.  It brings peace.  It brings hope.

In your journey to physical and emotional health, I would invite you to shine some light on your value, to love your worth and know that your worth is not in question.  Ever.
Whatever your life’s experience, whatever you do for work, whatever you eat or don’t eat, however you exercise or don’t, whatever your size or shape, whether you have a large family, a small one, or none, or whether you’re celebrating or walking through a “blue” holiday season:  be kind enough to see the amazing value you bring to the world.  Let your soul feel its worth.

What difference might that make for you?

When you feel your worth, what might you do differently?  How much easier would it be to reach your goals?  

If you’re ready to feel and KNOW your worth, let’s have a chat.  Imagine beginning 2023 with a lighter feeling of confidence in your value.  I know this pain, and I can tell you the moment it shifted and all the joy and peace that came afterward.  I can show you a tree I planted to commemorate it – it was that significant, and it felt that fantastic. 

Ready?  Send me a message.

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