Emotional Eating: Three Things WILL Make a Difference


My client, Leigh, came home from work stressed and exhausted, but she had a young family to feed.  To soothe her stress, she tasted the food as she cooked – to get the spices right, of course.  One or two tastes led to many bites.

When she served her family, she’d have her regular portion.  She’d had just a bite here and there after all.  During cleanup, the kids might leave some on their plate, and we don’t want to waste that . . .

When her waistband began to tighten, she’d vow to do better, but . . . eh— 

There is absolutely a need to soothe ourselves.  No question.  Food is an easy option, but it’s not the ONLY or even the most effective option. 

What about the cause of the stress?  We accept stress all too casually.  How about we resolve that?  Yes, stress is part of life, but why keep more of it than is necessary?   It leads to feeling  “Stuck”  — stuck in a job, relationship, situation, or life.  Women in particular get stuck in feeling either “I’m not enough,” or “I’m too much.”  Tough spot between that rock and hard place, isn’t it?   Yet, we accept it and go on dragging it with us.  Resolving these take a minute, but it can set you free. 

For frustrated dieters, the stress driver is often the diet itself.  We get stuck in one that does work, but it leaves us feeling hungry.  It’s hard to make good decisions when you’re hungry.  Our brains, clouded by survival mechanisms, shift into “MUST EAT NOW.” That’s a good indicator that you’re not getting what actually works for YOUR body. 

I struggled with feeling starved all the time for years.  I didn’t know there were other healthy options as I blindly followed the current guidelines.  The diet worked — leaving me tired, hungry, and cranky didn’t.   I had to find a better way, and that became my Unique Nutrition Blueprint, which I now use in my coaching to help clients like Leigh. 

Three things will make the difference in reaching and maintaining your goal weight:

Identifying better options for soothing

Resolving what keeps you stuck

Learning your Unique Nutrition Blueprint

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