Emotional Eating: The Week AFTER a Holiday

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So, how did you do over the Thanksgiving holiday?

What would you do again – or not do again?

To be honest, the short-term effects of the holiday are about more than the food – some of it is about change, stress, a different environment, and foods you may not have regularly. 

Take a deep breath.  Your body is just reacting.  It’ll settle.

Right, so what do we do?  Given that we’re in the midst of the five-week food orgy that Thanksgiving to New Year can be, it’s not the easiest time to try to lose five pounds.  You can do it – don’t get me wrong.  It takes intention.  So the first thing to do is to decide what you truly want.

Do you want to lose a couple of pounds?
Do you want to maintain?

Are you okay with gaining 2-5 pounds through the season? 

Do you want to just leave the nutrition focus until January?

Choose what you want and make decisions accordingly.  No beating up on yourself for whatever you choose.  It’s not helpful, and has it ever actually worked as a strategy? For most, we just lose time, energy, and pieces of ourselves.  Give yourself some grace.  Be kind.  Then make some good choices.

I find it helpful to be diligent in the week after a holiday to balance things out.  It helps shed any extra and discourage any of their little friends from joining them.  Two is easier to shed than five, and five than ten.

Enjoy the holiDAY – remember it’s really a couple of days that we try to stretch to weeks.  Be wise with leftovers. 

Most important – let go of the judgment.  The year has seasons – our lives have seasons.  This time of year is a season of celebration for many cultures and spiritual traditions.  It’s part of the rhythm of life.  Find ways to enjoy it.  You might find there are many ways other than or in addition to food that make it more memorable.

What do you want?

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