Emotional Eating: Make It Work FOR You


I’m surrounded by books – on the bookcase behind me, in other rooms, upstairs — We’re book people.  Last week, someone asked me how many of the books behind me I had read.  Now, some are my husband’s, but I’d say I’ve read at least part of 50% of my books.  However, if we were talking about my audiobook list, I’ve listened to ALL of them which fascinated me.

I listen while doing other things like walking or household tasks, and I’ve discovered the motion helps me.  Wish I’d known that during my school years!  However, now when I want to really solidify something in my mind and memory, I listen.  It’s made a huge difference.

That’s the thing – we’re taught to do so many things one way, but that one way doesn’t work for everyone any more than a single shoe size fits every foot.  How many of us have failed at our goals because we didn’t know about a different method of attaining it? 

For so many years, low-fat low-calorie was the recommendation for losing weight.  It worked, but it was never pleasant, and therefore, it often created an insatiable drive for food.  It beat me over and over.  It wasn’t until I changed my nutrition that I succeeded.  Silly me, I wanted to be both satisfied and maintain my weight easily!  It didn’t work until I dropped the standard advice, which is why I share that with my clients.  Finding what works for our bodies helps us succeed – just like wearing the right-sized shoe makes walking comfortable.

What have you tried? 

What parts of it worked? 

What parts didn’t? 

How will you adjust the plan in small or large ways so it works for you? 

As you are exploring the outcomes you’d like to see, your path may not be the same as someone else’s, but if it works for you, what does it matter?   

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