Emotional Eating: Digging

We know our goal, we know our why, we even have ideas for alternative behaviors and options to change our habits.  If you’re in a groove with this – FANTASTIC!  You’re on your way!  Carry on, and let us know how you’re doing.

If you’re struggling a bit, let’s look at what makes it so hard for us to choose to stay with those behaviors until they become natural.

What’s the problem?  Specifically – what’s holding you in that old pattern, that familiar food cycle, that go-to detour?  Do you know?  Get the big shovel – this could take some digging.

Masking Emotions

I used to say something like I’m mad or frustrated, or maybe I was hurt; but most often, those were masks for something deeper.  Yes, they were the outward emotion.  I was frustrated.  I was mad.  I did feel hurt.
Why?  What just happened to create that emotion?

Even more, what’s under that?

When have you felt this way before?

How is it connected to food in general or a specific food?  Or is food a soother you’ve added along the way?

As an emotional eating coach, these are the initial questions I ask my clients to answer.  Once we find the root of an action, we can unwind it.  It’s that “a-ha” moment that changes everything.

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