Emotional Eating Amidst Social Distancing

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Yes, we’re in a weird spot, and eating for emotional reasons is way too easy a solution for “getting through” this time of social distancing—even if it doesn’t really work.

Odd, isn’t it?  We didn’t even use that term at the beginning of March, and now we hear it hourly.

You know what else it’s also easy to do right now?  Free yourself from emotional and stress eating.   See, I don’t want to just “get through” this time.  I want to take this very weird time and make something good from it.  How about you?

I won’t suggest you’ll be “cured” overnight, but you can begin the change right now whatever the circumstance, however stressed you feel. 

Let’s think about this:  You are stressed or upset, and food has always been the answer, but how will food help that?  Think that one through – don’t rush it.  It’s a familiar response and an instant soother, but it doesn’t last, and it creates bigger issues over time, doesn’t it?  How is that soothing?  Genuinely?

What will you choose instead?  What will you allow to soothe you like putting food in your mouth does?

I know – I used all the same reasons and excuses: 

“It’s not the time right now—just soothe, and soothe quickly please.”  But it’s not lasting, is it?  If I sold you a magic potion or pill that claimed to soothe but lasted no longer than food, you’d be asking for your money back.   How soothing is it to feel the way you feel right now in your body? 

If it’s not working for you, maybe we could find a better way to soothe ourselves.

“This is a serious crisis in the world.  It is not the time to be concerned with silly things like my diet.”  When my mother passed away, I decided to let myself off the hook on this.  I had much more important things to be concerned about.  Supposedly.  I gained 15 pounds.  THAT was soothing in the end, let me tell you.  Or not.

If we can get some clarity, this could be the perfect time to get free of emotional eating.  Part of the driver of emotional eating is a feeling of being without control.  Wouldn’t it feel good to feel in control of something right now?  ANYTHING? 

Here’s an opportunity – you can take control of your eating habits.  You can control your choices about what you use to soothe yourself.  Food isn’t your only option – it’s just the one you’ve used because it was so easily accessible.  There are other options, and these next days, weeks, or months are a great time to make a change.  Let’s go after our physical, emotional, and even mental health.  In 30, 60, or 90 days, what could you accomplish?

Imagine:  While you’re social distancing, you could also be getting plenty of distance between you and your bad habit of eating for comfort.  What would that be like?  You could be FREE!

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