Eliminate this ONE thing from your diet, and watch your life change

We love it, and it loves us — and it’s killing us

Sugar.  It needs a bad habit category all to itself.  We’ve let this bad habit rage for 30 years, and it has helped create many, many cases of Type 2 Diabetes.  It’s in so many products where there’s no need for it, but our palates have grown accustomed to a touch of sweet, so they add it to attract us.  The problem is that once we’re hooked, it’s incredibly hard to DECIDE to reduce or eliminate sugar.  The actual reduction and elimination aren’t so hard — but choosing it is very hard to think about.

To unwind it—first, we do have to choose it.  There is so much “added sugar” in our foods that we have to read labels for all the names manufacturers list rather than saying “sugar.”  It’s everywhere, even in toothpaste — so we have to be diligent about watching for it.  That means we have to want to reduce or eliminate it.

One positive habit to employ is creating a personal guideline or rule.  “I only have sugar on Sundays.”  You may be standing in the pantry and staring down the chocolate chips while saying that through gritted teeth, but it’s a reminder to stay on track.  On Sunday, instead of making it a “Cheat day” of all-sugar-all-the-time, choose one serving and enjoy every bite or sip.

The truth is that after a week or ten days, the craving will go away.  It will.  No one believes me when I say that, but they do when they experience it.  When you no longer crave it, you get to choose when and how to have it because the desire is not being driven by a craving.  You may choose to have it or to not have it, but you get your power of choice back.

We think of it as harmless other than our weight, but more and more studies are showing the harmful effects of sugar on our hearts, blood vessels, organs, and minds, not to mention turning us into ravenous eaters.  Sugar ALWAYS wants more.

I know it’s hard to decide and to get through those first few days, but it’s a challenge worth taking.  You can do this.

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