Eliminate Emotional Eating


Hear that?  It’s barely there. 

Let’s put it out of our minds.  Focus on something else.  I have so much to do – no time for distractions.

It’s louder. 

Don’t be silly, we say.  You just had lunch.  You’re not hungry.

Still there.

The harder we try to not think about that favorite food—that cake, honey roasted nuts, maybe fresh-baked bread—the louder it gets, and our willpower gets weaker.  No amount of, “You’re not hungry,” will stop it when you’re feeling frustrated, stressed, bored, sad, mad, fill in your blank.

Why do stress and various emotions drive us to food for soothing? 

Think about it:  When a baby cries, what do we do?  We put something in their mouths whether that’s the bottle, breast, or pacifier – even your pinkie will do.  They soothe themselves by putting their hands or thumbs in their mouths.  It’s a natural response we even see in a sonogram.  Oral soothing is a thing.

As we get older, we learn not to suck our thumbs, but we may go to biting our nails or eating pieces of candy before graduating to doughnuts and pizza and office bowls of candy. 

It’s a natural response to stress and upset to reach for comfort foods.  It’s a quick and effective fix for a moment.  No, it never lasts, but it gets us through even if it does leave us feeling frustrated with ourselves. 

Clients say, “I am so capable in so many other areas.  But this?  Pfft!”

You’re not alone, and you can overcome this.  In my years on the Diet Yo-Yo, I tried all kinds of things.  For all the appetite suppressants, some exotic berry they just found in the jungle, diet plans, gym memberships, etc. I tried, stress and emotional eating eventually destroyed my efforts.  It was like I could not stop myself, and that was so frustrating.  I felt like I’d never be able to get control of food. 

Eliminating emotional eating changed all that.  From 40 years up and down the scale, I’m over 11 years at a consistent and healthy weight.  It may not be about weight for you.  It may be about feeling good in your body.  It may be about getting free from shame and guilt we slather on when we don’t succeed.  It may be about your health markers, being able to play with your children or grandchildren, your mobility, or your independence. 

So, how do we eliminate emotional eating?  I will be talking about it here, but I’m also doing an online event April 9th at 2 p.m. Eastern/ 11 Pacific.  We’ll go past the easy answers – like getting rid of tempting foods and distracting yourself.  That’s a good quick fix, but we know that already, don’t we?  There’s more, and we’ll talk through it, create a plan, and even do some spot coaching if you’re happy to talk.  Come join me – Details forthcoming.

AND if you’re ready to talk this through, contact me:  [email protected]

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