Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Two


Step Two: Find What Drives You to Food for Comfort or Stress Relief

You know the food or foods, don’t you? 


You cannot trust yourself to be left alone with it.

Once you start, you enjoy it so much, and you want more. 
EVEN IF YOU PUT IT IN THE FREEZER, you still want it and may eat it partly frozen. 

THIS is the food I’m talking about.  Your Kryptonite Food – or maybe several foods. 

You probably have a clear image of it in your mind.  You can see it. 

More, as you think about it, you get a scent of it. 

Then, you can almost taste it.

Mouth watering?

Anyone come back to this moment after running out to whatever hiding place you’ve put it?  Eaten half of it?

Yes, THAT food.

This works so much better when you have your eyes closed and you’re hearing this rather than reading it, but you’re likely uncomfortably aware of it even now.  Give yourself some time to feel your way through this exercise:

When is the first time you remember having it?  Doesn’t have to be the first time, but remember a time when it was meaningful for you.

Who gave it to you?

What was going on?

What did it mean to you?

Do you now have a sense of why that food is so important to you?  Why you go to it for comfort or stress relief?   If not, we can talk.  For those of you who do, this understanding will help you to break that hold if you want to. 

It doesn’t have to be a trauma connection, although it might be.  It can be a time of comfort, a good memory.  It’s an anchor to that experience.  Every time we have certain foods, and this Kryptonite food is certainly one of them, we get those feelings again.  They soothe us.

Mine was peanut butter.  It’s a good food but not in the quantities I ate.  It was a connection to my grandmother, and it wasn’t until after she died, and I had no more access to that love and encouragement she showered on me that I saw the connection.  You know, my Nan was not in that jar, and I had to find other ways to get that need met. 

What is the food?
What is the connection?

How can you get that need met in another way?  Your needs are very important, and there are other ways to get your needs met.  We just have to find them.

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