Eat to Satiety AND Lose? WOW!

My experiment is going very well.  I gained about 4 pounds during the “refeeding” stage, but five weeks in, I’m down 3 pounds—and I’m still eating enough to be quite satisfied.  I never thought I wouldn’t be hungry – my stomach has always had its own clock – but there have been a few days when I was really busy, and it was ridiculously easy to do breeze through the time because I wasn’t hungry. 
I’m amazed after so many years of the calorie restriction plan.
This is a game changer for me, and I am leaning toward highly recommending it, but I’ll let you know after the full 2 months of this metabolic reset experiment. 
Maybe there is a way to always eat to satiety and maintain your weight after all.  Wouldn’t that be freedom?  I’ll keep you posted.
Rules of the experiment:
No sugar, starches, or processed foods.
No snacks (when you eat to satiety, that’s noooooo problem)
Low-Carb/Keto choices, but eat to satiety.
Eat 1-3 meals within a 12-hour window (or within 4-10 hours, whatever works for you).
Again, it’s about keeping insulin low rather than allowing it to stay up because we graze through the day.

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