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Like many of you, for me:

  1. It’s not the diet or your desire or even something like menopause, thyroid issues, diabetes, or other physical issue creating a barrier to weight loss –
  2. It’s not that you don’t know WHAT to do or HOW to do it
  3. It’s not really hunger that dashes your weight loss dreams.  Sometimes it is, but honestly, it was more want than need.

Self-sabotage is a thing.  We WANT to lose the weight.  We really do, but something always happens that throws us off – even when we’re trying really hard to stay on track.

It’s the how that bedevils us.   Not the diet itself, but there are all those magic fixes.  Someone lost doing this, another doing that.  Maybe you’re like me – you starved yourself on no more than 1200 calories for as long as you could stand it, but it all came back as soon as you ate what should be a normal amount for a woman of your body type and height.

How many times have we lost the weight for it to return faster than it went??

I know.  SO frustrating, and that frustration makes it both hard to stay on track but harder to believe it’s possible.  I’ve done it before – and I’ve failed too many times.

SO – what now?    Something different.  Something you haven’t tried.

Hiring my coach truly changed my life.  Yes, I lost the weight, but more importantly, I learned what was driving me to eat and what I could do differently.  I also had someone to help me hold to my goal and then to maintain that goal – not just weight but also personal growth. 

Do you ever get tired of the behaviors that cause you grief?  The way you manage your thoughts and feelings?  Why we explode at a 2-watt situation with 100 watts of anger?  Why we choose to avoid a certain food and then snack our way around the kitchen then eat that one we were trying to avoid anyway?

If you want to be free of weight and what drives you to the food, then my “Back to School” special offer is for you.  You can see the particulars here:     

Let’s get you where you want to be.   If you want to chat about it, email me here:  [email protected]

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