Diet Magic: It’s NOT the Diet


The basis of any weight loss is this:

Choose a diet, choose some kind of exercise, create some consistency, and rinse and repeat.

If you consistently follow this path, unless you have some physical issue, you will lose weight.  Every time. 

Great.  Then why can’t I do that? 

Consistency:  If we were consistent, we could follow that path.  What’s the problem then?

Reasons are as plentiful and diverse as individuals, but there are some common blocks:

  • Emotional eating:  Eating for any reason other than hunger.  We’re sad, mad, happy, joyful, lonely, bored, celebrating, etc., and food is the vessel of enjoyment or soothing. 
  • Personality/Discipline:  some of us can utilize discipline more effectively than others.  It’s not a flaw.  It’s how we’re wired.  Some are too rigid, and others are too loosey-goosey.  It comes from our personality, experiences, raising, and wounds. 
  • Limits of Knowledge on what works for your body.  Yes, every diet will work while you can follow it, but being able to follow it consistently is tough when it doesn’t fit your body.  Study after study shows how different we all are, and your genetic blend, metabolism, and chemistry are unique. Find your Unique Nutrition Blueprint, and consistency is much easier.
  • Your STUFF – wounds, self-sabotage.  Conscious or unconscious, these drive our behavior unless we sort through it, face it, and resolve it.  When we stop eating to soothe ourselves, we save a bunch of calories.
  • Level of needed accountability: Some need NONE.  They can do it on their own by just deciding it’s something they want.  Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Yet it’s a small percentage of the population.   Some need a little.  Some can’t do what they want without it.  Incidentally, that’s me and the majority of the population, so don’t beat yourself up for it.  It’s just how we’re wired.  Lastly, some want none, wouldn’t use it if they had it, and, in fact, probably are not reading this. 

If we find what will create the consistency you want and need, you will make good choices.  You will not sabotage yourself or be driven to food for comfort or stress relief because you will know better ways to do that.  Set up a time to talk with me.  We can get you on track toward your goals.  Email me at [email protected]

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