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On Thursday, July 8, I’m bringing you  a One-Day Talk Show event.  I’ll talk with five experts in helping others lose the weight they want to lose AND keep it off.  Perhaps you’ve wondered about some of the methods, but these ladies will share information about how it works and how to make it work for you.

A nutrition plan is part of it, of course, but so much more of it is about our mindset.  How many times have you started out on a plan and slowly – or too quickly – abandoned it because of whatever X reason.  Maybe it was too hard.  Maybe you didn’t like the food.  A party came up or you were off on vacation, something happened and you were upset or nervous, or there were any number of disruptions that made you stumble.  Once you stumble, it’s hard to get back on track, isn’t it?

Sometimes we need a change in approach, and sometimes we just need to follow the approach we’ve chosen.  I don’t know about you, but it can be so annoying when I follow my plan well, and I lose efficiently.  Takes away any excuses I might be dreaming up about my thyroid or something else preventing me from shedding extra pounds.  Other than not following my plan. 

Can’t get away from it then, can we?

So what works for you?  Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about finding what works.  Is it a nutrition plan?  Or a no-diet plan?  There is great value in ditching the diet mentality and listening to your body.  Leslie M. Thornton will talk about how to make that work for you.  She also does hypnosis to help you make that shift because it’s no longer willpower.

Or maybe you do need a specific plan.  Amber Wentworth, the Lone Star Keto Girl, talks about how she shifted from one plan to another, all in search of what worked best for her.  She knew it when she found it because she felt SO much better.

If you’re curious about bariatric surgery, Dr. Hamilton will give you an inside view of how to make that most effective.  Note:  The surgery is an aid, but the most significant change is around the mindset.

Maybe you just need some help with recipes that fit your plan.  Carrie Brown is a trained chef who has spent the last several years developing recipes that make foods that are low in sugar and starches be just as scrumptious as the original versions, and they’re sooooo good.  This I can testify to. 

Elizabeth Mansfield and I will talk about emotional eating and how to overcome that – and a whole lot more.

I hope you’ll join us on Thursday at 1:00 Central for a couple of hours.  If you register and cannot attend, you’ll get the replay. Register Here: 

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