Creating Habitual Weight Management

Weight Management Habits that work

Creating new habits is essential to behavioral change. You know the usual drill for weight loss—improve your nutrition and add some exercise—which is true but uninspiring. Sometimes I need more specifics to keep me on track. Specific habits, reinforced over time, supports my intentions and gives me daily structure to reach my goals.

Sleep: Plenty of sleep rather than merely adequate sleep has many benefits. Deprivation reduces our ability to make wise and “good for me” choices. When I’m over-tired, I’m more likely to soothe myself with food because my creativity tank is low. Sleep is restorative. It might just be a great weight loss tool.

Stress Management: Make a habit of taking time to de-stress. Our tanks can only run on empty for so long. We must blow out the fuel lines now and again—we must de-stress. The negative side effects of holding onto stress are numerous and deadly. Even a five minute escape to walk, breathe, or laugh can have a huge impact. It’s a significant investment in your well being.

Set alarms: After years of negative self talk that fed my comfort eating, I needed to rebuild my thinking. I set an alarm for three times daily to say something positive to myself. It might be encouragement or a way to challenge myself, but it helped.

Rituals and Rules For Food: If you want to create a good habit or deconstruct a negative one, create rituals and rules.
I only have sugar on Sundays. Perhaps you’ll choose to only have a soda on an airplane or only have trigger foods away from your home or office. Or only have that trigger or indulgent food on a plate, using utensils, sitting at the table, without the television on.
Choose only real food and skip anything processed—or give yourself a limit on the number of ingredients or words in the ingredient list that you can’t pronounce.
Find a ritual that works for you like closing the kitchen after dinner or having certain meals only with family, friends, or an accountability partner. Create a meal on a certain day each week that is special but within your nutrition plan.
Rework the parameters for allowing yourself an indulgence, and you regain control with a plan that works for you.

It takes a little time and intention, but you can work out guidelines that will help you get to your goal. If you need a little help, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

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