Connecting the Dots

What do you see?

How would you describe the picture?  What do you make of it?

If you get stuck focusing on the dot, you are not alone.  We tend to focus on what we perceive to be a blemish, an error, a problem, and the more we focus on it, the bigger it gets.  We can’t see the clean white paper anymore because we’re focused on the dot. 

We all have our dots – in my work, clients tend to focus on their weight, emotional scars, and broken places of their hearts.  We get so focused on making the dots disappear that we allow those dots to become much of who we are – they become our identity.  Shall we unwind that?

What dots are you so focused on that you fail to see (and celebrate) the broad space behind it?  What dots are you hiding behind when it might be healing to let them go or to grow through them.  Sometimes what we see as a flaw is a really good excuse for not doing what we know we need to do, for not moving forward, or making progress toward our goals.

We often fill our minds with our flaws, how we’ve come up short.  What would happen if you focused on the good you bring to the table and how you’re improving instead? 

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