I love this picture.  I happened upon it years ago when I was not in a good place.  I had a habit of beating up on myself when I made mistakes, and a colleague challenged me to stop dragging myself through the mud.  To remind myself, I searched for an image, found this little pig in boots and added text.  It was part of my healing.
Recently, I discovered that this photo is NOT photoshopped.
When Cinders was a piglet, her six brothers and sisters ran joyously into the mud on their farm near Thirsk in Yorkshire, England, but Cinders stood shivering off to the side.  She followed them everywhere else,  but she was afraid of mud.  Yes, quite unusual for a pig, but it was still true.    
When they equipped her with these cute little boots, she happily followed her siblings everywhere.  Once she had what she needed, she was happy to do what other pigs do.
What kind of boots do you need?

Reaching our goals or maintaining our progress takes time and energy, and it’s essential to have whatever you need to equip yourself to succeed.  Whether it’s to manage fear, overcome anxiety, find a solution to your specific needs, deal with baggage, create accountability, find what works with your chemistry, find a group, or even add a piece of equipment, what works for you WORKS for YOU, AND it’s essential for your success.
What do you genuinely need to move forward beyond what has brought you to this point?  What do you need to reach your goals, rebuild your confidence, to cultivate best self and your dreams?  To heal?

Cute boots! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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